Project Breakdown

The Green Paper on the Health of Chinese Career Women is developed for BLACKMORES Institute – the non-profit academic and professional arm of the leading Australian health and wellness company BLACKMORES Group. The paper investigates the health conditions and health management habits of Chinese career women through combined qualitative and quantitative research.

Persian Green


Blue Chill




Costa Del Sol




Color Palette

Enhancing brand style

Persian green is used as BLACKMORES brand color throughout the brochure. And as a survey result brochure, secondary colors are used in its infographic to present data in a comprehensive way.


Presenting data and facts

The Green Paper used a fair amount of infographics to showcase the suvey result. Different colors and icons are used to differentiate different categories and age groups. Different charts are used and designed to display different types of data, all in the purpose of enhancing brand identity, and a reader-friendly experience.