Royal Rose Japan


Where to Buy

    • Jiu-Guang Department Store,
    • Shanghai

  • Golden Eagle Shopping Mall,
  • Across China

Re-branding and re-design of the packaging of a traditional Japanese snack brand

Originated in Japan, Royal Rose sets foot in the Chinese market, targeting young people who are seeking premium snacks, or exquisite presents.

The purpose of the re-branding was to change the traditional Japanese style into something exclusive and hip. The triangular pattern design achieved dimensional depth, a more vintage and niche look to aid the goal of the client “More Exclusivity”.

Color & material

Different palettes are used to distinguish the flavors: blue represents “Butter Scallop”, and the yellow represents “Three Cheese”. The complimentary contrast is used to achieve a dimensional depth, in order to create a catchy and hip look to fit young audience’s taste.

The material used is metal, to position the quality and elegance of the product.



Gulf Blue


Web Orange


Rodeo Dust




Orange Peel


What We Delivered

In order to enhance the brand identity to suit its Chinese market, we provide packaging design for Royal Rose’s latest products, along with product photography and promotional flyers for their online store.