Client-centered Professional Finance Services Firm

  • Website Design
  • Graphics Elements
  • Front-end UX/UI


Customized Web App

S.J.Grand website features an income tax calculator — a custom-made web app, which is designed and developed from scratch. The calculator is interactive, self-explanatory and easy to use, and sends the result instantly to user’s inbox. The calculator is also compatible with all device type.

Kwikdroid: In-website Landing Page Design

Kwikdroid is a software that provides an all-round accounting and management solution. It is an additional part of the website that follows the company branding style, and features introduction, instruction and pricing. It is responsive and including a call-to-action button. We also combined iconography and illustrations to attract visitors’ attention and for easy explanation.

What We Delivered

A fully functional finance website of a corporate yet characteristic style, which has an easy-navigating sitemap, using different widgets for easy access to important pages. The website has all necessary components an official website requires such as pricing, services and contact form, with additional features of a custom-made web app. Iconography, graphic and visual elements are designed in response to S.J.Grand brand style.