Packaging Design

Using a wide range of techniques to present and prototype a packaging design for your product without the hassle of having to go through mass production before the final decision.

Services include: Box Design, Packaging Graphics, Foam Structure, Internal Architecture, Material Cohesion

Packaging Design

We provide full support for packaging for your products, ranging from sketch, blueprint, prototyping to mass-production. We believe with every good product comes an even better package. A well wrapped gift is better received by customers.

Key Points

Below are few points that we think can impact greatly on any packaging design:

  • Simplicity is key, don’t over complicate the design;
  • Well designed interior wireframe is crucial, fitting materials and the right amount of matte and gloss at the right elements;
  • High quality outer frame and inner foams/plastics are necessary for that extra wow factor.
Packaging Design - Fixy Creative

Blueprinting and Wireframes

We are very meticulous when it comes to packaging design. We create a very comprehensive blueprints that are easily implemented in every packaging factory manufacturers systems. With the packaging design package not only you will receive a well designed package but a factory ready blueprint and references on how the package should look like in its final form.

Key Points

We pay attention to details and especially to the ones mentioned below:

  • Right amount of material thickness in the right area for great creasing and folding;
  • Laser eye precision when it comes to opening and closing the packages with ” Like a Glove ” feeling;
  • Consistency in the design overall throughout all sides of the package.
Package Blueprint - Fixy Creative


With every package design package we provide prototypes that are made by us and pre-production prototypes by our cooperating factories. You will have the feel and look of the desired package before you make big and long-term commitments for mass-production.

Key Points

Here are some key points to highlight why our prototyping strategy is the best:

  • We get prototypes done within days, quick and fast response with full support for packaging design changes and revisions;
  • 3D models of the design will be delivered to you at no additional cost;
  • Support with manufacturing and prototyping 27/7.
Package Prototyping - Fixy Creative


If you have a project that you believe we can add some value to, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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